DECEMBER 2022: Museum is closed from 29th November 2022 until January 8th 2023.

The SAS Museum is open on Tuesdays 10 AM – 3 PM and Sundays 12 PM to 4 PM.  

The SAS Museum is located at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, on the west side of the airport. The Museum is displaying an exhibition of the history behind the airline Scandinavian Airlines, and the

The cabin in the museum

three startup companies behind the airline.

The museum has a large collection of uniforms from both the pilots and cabin crew from the last 70 years. The exhibition also have a large collection of aircraft models, where you can study the interior in the cockpit, cabin and cargo hold.

There is a cabin you can sit in, and a cockpit simulator you can try. The museum also have a children’s corner. After your visit to the exhibition, you can access the tower of the SAS Museum building, with at amazing view of the main airport of Norway, Oslo Airport Gardermoen. You have access to view the complete western runway and terminals.

Access to the museum is free of charge. Please contribute to the museum by purchasing some items from the museum store. The store has a collection of aircraft models, books and different collectibles from SAS.

The address to the Museum:

Gardermovegen 1

Models in the museum

There is a bus leaving the bus stop at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, the number of the bus is 420 with destination Maura. The bus stop to get off is SAS Museet.

The Museum has a large free car park. The museum is possible to access with a wheelchair.

The museum only has soft drinks for purchase.

For international press/media:

The SAS Museum has a large collection of movies, ads, photos and books/manuals as an archive with the history of SAS.
Images/Photos can be downloaded from of Flickr account at:

Please be advised that any use of images/photos from our Flickr account acquire a photo credit: SAS MUSEUM, NORWAY when being used in media.

If you require any movie clip, or other images please contact the Museum at our e-mail:  post (at) (remove ()).
Images, documents and movies can be applied but please allow  a time table of 2-4 weeks.

You can phone us on +47 957 18 005 ( The phone is manned Sundays and Tuesdays in our opening hours. Outside these hours the phone is connected on wards  after 30 sec.)

Images from the history of SAS

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